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You are Welcome to Burundi, a small country with in East Africa with beautiful tourists attraction ranging from the landscapes, mountaintops, tropical forests, huge lakes, plateau, rich African culture, wildlife and primates viewing that you shouldn’t miss out while on an African tour. The best choice of Safari services and offers.

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Burundi has plenty to offer tourists including – the magnificent Karera falls, Rusizi National Park for wildlife viewing, lake Tanganyika, Geographical features like landscapes, mountaintops, tropical forests, huge lakes, plateau, as well as the rich African culture in Bujumbura city. Burundi has a mountainous landscape, mild temperate and climate which is the reason as to why it is known as the “Switzerland of Africa”. Being far from the Equator, Burundi has a tropical highland climate, daily temperature range in many areas, which varies from one region to another, basically as a result of differences in altitude. As a result of the amazing good climate, a Safari would be the best idea at any given time of the year.

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Burundi has a number of beautiful places to visit and tour like mountaintops, tropical forests, lakes, plateaus, and landscapes. Come see these places with Primate Safari Experiences a tour company based in Uganda., a local Safari Company that is licensed by Uganda Tourism Board and is a member in Association of Uganda Tour Operators ( AUTO). We specialize in arranging both private and group mountain Rwenzori climbing tours.

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