Primate Safari Experiences specializes in Primate Safaris to Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, DR Congo for Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee watching & golden monkey trips, with Wildlife viewing as add-on  at affordable rates staying in Luxury accommodations that have been ranked by international organizations within the tourism Industry. Visiting Africa’s primates is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding adventures that can be enjoyed while on a Rwanda Safari holiday to the  the world’s largest living primate ( Mountain Gorillas), which is an unforgettable event on Gorilla safari Tour.
Other lesser primates such as chimpanzees, lemurs, monkeys and baboons are all fascinating and immensely rewarding animals to visit while on Primate watching. Their interactions, communications, mobility and intelligence are all readily visible, and proof of our kinship with this amazing family of beautiful animals all possible to visit.

Burundi astounds with a diverse cultural life, various landscapes and an impressive wildlife including primates like the Chimpanzees and Monkeys. The stunning natural spectacles, a breath-taking starry sky at the shores of Lake Tanganyika offering fascinating Bird Watching  and the warmth of its people, leave no one unimpressed. Burundi offers, Burundi chimpanzee tracking safari tours, Burundi wildlife viewing safaris tours, Burundi cultural community safaris tours, Burundi birding safari tours, and Burundi scenery viewing based on your wish.

Primate Safari Experiences Membership.

We are licensed by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB/RTT/TO/2020/00692). We are a member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) Registration Number 1237.

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Primate Safari Experiences donates a percentage of each safari sold towards the conservation of endangered primates in Africa. We embrace ecotourism to ensure that these wonderful creatures can be protected for not only the present generation but also the future generation.

Please contact us and we would be happy to help and share our expertise with you. We travel the length and breadth of every destination we recommend to make sure that our expertise is based on the first-hand experience and that every part of your itinerary is tried and tested.

Why Book with Primate Safari Experiences

As a specialist primate safari company, we aim to maximize your Primate & wildlife experience in your destination of choice at the same time as tailoring the lodges and camps that you are using to meet your expectations. Please find listed below a number of reasons of why to choose Primate Safari Experiences for your next safari to see the endangered primates of the Africa:

  • Dedicated personal specialists to deal with your specific luxury safari.
  • Your own dedicated personal specialist will liaise with you throughout the entire booking process.
  • Our specialists have travelled to each destination and can give you that first-hand knowledge that makes the difference between a good and a great safari
  • Personal handcrafted itineraries tailored to your specific requirements
  • We will put you in the right place at the right time to maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • All of our specialists used to work as guides in one or all of their destinations of expertise
  • 24hr Emergency Assistance with our dedicated 24hr contact number, even when you are away we are thinking of you!
  • Personal follow up from your specialist on returning from your safari


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