Mountain Heha is the highest mountain in Burundi rising to the height of 2,670 meters being the highest point in the Burundi Highlands mountain range. It is located in the Bujumbura Rural province of Burundi and it lies approximately 20km to the East of Lake Tanganyika and about 30km to the southeast of Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

Mount Heha being located high up in the higher altitudes, East of Lake Tanganyika makes it one of the best places to hike in Burundi. There are very nice hiking trails in the lower parts of the mountain and for those that love hiking can have fun hiking around the mountain.

Being located high up, travellers can get incredible views of Lake Tanganyika and the surrounding community areas. Mountain Heha is open to visitors all year round and travellers do not have to worry about any travel restrictions but of course, rain season can affect hiking activities.

How to Get to Mount Heha

By road, Mount Heha is just 30km southeast of Burundi’s main capital Bujumbura and travellers can use preferable private cars as they may be gone for some time in the mountains and the guide can take care.

Hiking activities are fun when you wear the right gear, and, travellers traveling to Mount Heha for hiking should ensure that they have the following; rain Jacket, hut, light short-sleeved shirt, long trousers, hiking boots, and long stockings that help you tuck your pants in.

Other important items include a back pack, drinking water, walking sticks, energy bars, sunglasses, sunscreen, cameras, and spear battery.

Accommodation around Mount Heha

Clients can stay in Bujumbura and just drive to the mountains in the morning and hike. They would later return back to Bujumbura and the options in Bujumbura include; Kangaroo hotel Bujumbura, Hotel Club Du Lac Tanganyika.

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